Detroit Oils has been years in the making.  I have wanted to do something to help people.  So many times I have though to myself "I wish I knew that" or "If only I knew this before".  This is my attempt to share a little of what I have learned, what has helped me in different times in my life with others.

I'm all over the place with ideas and concepts and never knew how to bring it all together, I'm still not sure I do.  I am passionate about so many things and this is my attempt at "bringing it all together".                                                              

Family, Crafting, Wellness and a lot more.

My Story

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My name is Nina.  I work and live in Metro-Detroit.  I'm an Engineer, but not your typical Engineer (or "Engineerd" as my friends like to call me).  I am crafty, outgoing, I like to work with people.  Not often things that go hand in hand with those in my profession.  

This is why I love having Detroit Oils.  This allows me to have a creative outlet and have more time being with people and sharing another thing I'm passionate about... wellness and essential oils.


As I shared earlier I am an Engineer and founder of Detroit Oils.  Those are just my titles, but who I am is a lot more.  I am a Mom to my sweet little Bug and Nori.  They are my biggest inspiration, they make me want to be the best version of myself so that I can offer the absolute best to them.  I am also a Wife to my Bogie.  I am grateful for some of my greatest hardships in life, as they brought us together.  He supports me in so many ways but has helped me finally get this venture off the ground.  My vision and his creativity have brought you the Detroit Oils identity.  I'm also a Dog Mom to Bunnzy and our latest addition Lulu.  They make every day brighter with their unconditional love.  

Our site is brand new and will continue to grow.  I hope you enjoy as I continue to share.